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Despite the main activity of TRZ TRANSFER, for many years now, is the design and production of NEW transfer machines, TRZ is able to re-build your "obsolete" machiness!

Thanks to TRZ TRANSFER re-building activity, an obsolete machine can, once again, offer important functions, guaranteeing an absolutely winning performance/cost ratio.

Thanks to our solutions, we will give new life to your Transfer Machine.

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How we Re-Built

“A good Transfer Machine keeps its characteristics unaltered over the time”.

All the machines created by TRZ TRANSFER conserve only the frame while all the others components are new.

Every machine is completely dismantled: the frame is once again machined on CNC boring machines; after this operation all the surfaces are “hand” scraped to guarantee the maximum coupling precision. At the end of the machining, every frame is tested and certified by means of an interference laser.

In this way, Machines Re-Built by TRZ TRANSFER guarantee characteristics of robustness, precision and quality over the time.

Regarding the operating units TRZ offers two different types of solutions:

• Use of TRZ TRANSFER elements (Boring, Tapping or combined machines) designed and created to be completely compatible with the original ones;

• Use of the body of the original units with the replacement of all the others components, with new ones.

The same regarding to the Rotating Table:

•  Use of TRZ TRANSFER Electro-mechanical Rotating Tables, designed and created to be completely compatible and interchangeable with the original ones, equipped with the exclusive InterBlock system (thanks to which extremely short rotation times are guaranteed) and with the possibility to be equipped with turning jaws or clamps (machining on 4/5 ways in just one setup);

• Use of the original body of the table and replacing of all the others components with new ones (Hirth included).

In order to guarantee extremely short and competitive tooling times the complete series of clamps is always replaced with new groups, while the jaw holders are “quick change” type.

The hydraulic components, such as the control units, solenoid valves, gauges, pipes, fittings, etc. are all new, as well as the electrical wires, sensors, proximity switches which are replaced with latest generation components.

The electrical cabinet is completely re-built: Rittal electrical cabinet, Siemens electro-mechanical components, Pilz safety circuits, Siemens/Control Technique/Omron, drives etc., all the best in order to guarantee a high performance system and really great reliability!

Regarding the PLC: we equipped all our machines with Siemens S7–Touch Screen and install exclusive TRZ TRANSFER software:

• Interactive RevisProg software, thanks to which using and programming the machines is extremely simple, fast and intuitive;

• RevisService software, thanks to which Remote-Service and Remote-Maintenance of the entire system can be executed “on-line” via modem or Internet.

Diverse configurations for handling and transporting chippings, automatic and/or robotised loading/unloading systems and assembly subsystems complete the configuration of the  Re-Built Machines.

TRZ Macchine Transfer ricostruite