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The Technical Assistance is our strength, it's thanks to this service if TRZ TRANSFER has been able to grow and develop so much over these years.

Our Technical Service team is constantly growing and is supported by a Software House dealing with the management of the different PLC and CNC models.

It's a group of highly qualified engineers and technicians, with proven and long experience, always providing high quality support, very appreciated by our most important clients.

Besides the standard Assistance TRZ TRANSFER provides personalised services including: Tele-Assistance, 24 hour Assistance, Assistance and Maintenance during holiday periods, and Scheduled Maintenance Contracts developed and adapted according to customers' requirements!

Our exclusive RevisMaintenance Program ensures personalised visits to our clients depending on the kind of machine, use, operating hours, minimizing the problems caused by machine stops and the damage caused by the lack of production, to count on a highly reliable machine with maximum performance: all at a very competitive cost and with real savings in terms of time and money!


TRZ TRANSFER Knowledge is synonymous with Efficiency!

We run specific training and refresher courses, both in-house and in our customers' facilities for personnel involved in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, operation and programming of the Transfer Machine, in order to make the daily production activity more efficient and therefore less problematic.